Monday, October 24, 2005

This is kinda random

To day ay school I had an Individulized Education Plan (IEP) meeting, where I was told I Am doing better than last year and that I will be more closly monitered.
At some point I will insert my profile, but not right now; I've got to practice my cello for friday's all-state auditions.
I also have a great soughdough recipe.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

School Adventures -or- For He's a Jolly Good Speller...

On Monday, I arived @ school to find out about my 0 hour drivers ed class. I went to the classroom but there was no instrocter in the wole building. I waited for fifteen minutes and was then told to go wait for the counseling secratary to arive. Zero huor starts at 6:30 in the morning, and most students and teachers don't have regular classes until first period, when the regular day starts, so I was just standing around in the main building when a janitor and two very nice policemen asked me to leave w/o telling me why. I of course left and stood outside in the pre-dawn morning by a side door. Also near this side door was a ramp going down to the basement. When I looked down, I could see water filling the area to about 4 feet deep at the lower end, by the basement door. I knew then that the basement must be flooded. Just then, the circut breakers, wich control power through out most of the school, started to go off. Every time one would go off, a M.&O. guy would flip power back on. If you have evver seen Chrismas lights that blink randoly off, you know what was going on. At that point some people that I had met brought up the faesabillity of holding classes in a waterless, powerless, phoneless school. We journeyed acros the campus (around the corner of te building) to find the one who would grant us an answer to our noble and ardous quest: John the security guy. He used his radio to contact the office and he gave us the answer: NO SCHOOL. Since I dont have a phone, I borrowd his to summon a ride home.


Wednesday: I arive at the same ungodly hour just to find out that I can't posibly be in that class because it starts at the begining of the year, not 1/2 way through. I then did some more waiting where I found out that the computers are down and the power is now comming from a backup generator.
Well folks, its buisness as usual.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Future posting

I hope to get at least several posts a week in, but dont hold your breath.

P.S. I still don't have very many votes for the Title of the blog.