Monday, November 24, 2008

Well, time to check out the ole google stuffs.

I remember years ago that Muddled Ramblings featured blurbs(scroll down to christmas eve) about what searches hit frequently, or with odd queries. Since I'm just waiting for the laundry machines to be free, I'll just try to reproduce something along those lines, with lot's o those shiny links to click on!

So, we have a search that is appearing frequently this week: Real Turkeys. Those clicks must be from determined googlers, I'm not on the first page! I'm not even on the first 5 pages. I can only guess that they land on this page.

Next up is the search on Murphy's Mule Barn, which is a great little joint in north Albuquerque. Try it if you're in the area and hugry for good comfort eats. My little rave is number one in the search rankings! How awesome.

Now, another one that comes up often is a search for a Philmont Skit. The funny thing is that I haven't been there in years and I'm still seventh in the rankings! I guess that means that the traditions haven't changed much since I was there. Here's where I posted things about it.

I also get hit with a particular multi-media search time and time again. It even fits the car I own and the loaner I had before it. I am number one for the image search for Rocky Jeep, and, get this, I am number two for the web search for Rocky Jeep! Both searches lead to this page featuring Grandma's jeep. I am also number four in the search for racky jeep.

I could also get the typos coming, but I haven't yet. I typed (2 hlurs) in the recent post abouth getting to santa barbara with teh Arizona State University sailing club. So, I found that when I search for (2 hlurs) santa barbara, I come up in second! Now, why would anyone be searchoing for (2 hlurs) santa barbara? I don't know, but I might jump to number one sometime after this post goes up. In the same vein, I come up in second for (2 hlurs) weget, since that was another typo in that post.

Special assignment: tell me what a weget is, and what it has to do with (2 hlurs) or Santa Barbara.

Of course, in addition to the google searches, I do get referals from places that happen to feature a link to here. These include It's Five O'Clock Somewhere, Desert Sea, Fuego's Place and, of course, Myspace and Facebook,(who really don't need links on thier own, but get them anyway).

Well, so much for all the googlieness of this. I'm flying home on thanksgiving day, wich is in this very week, so I might or might not post before then. Who knows, I might have more photos of New Mexico or the Gila Monster. I might even have pictures of a cat sedated by quantities of turkey.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Night Drive

Cruising to Santa Barbara
Well, this friday has been a long day.
I of course went to all my classes (yes, both of them), and then came the drive. Studio took forever to come, and when it did, it took forever to pass. I dipped out a few minutes early, and with Kruser’s blessing, I took off for the coast. Eventually, that is. Several carloads of people were to come out from ASU. My ride wasn’t scheduled to leave until six. I just had to bike over to my dorm from studio to get my bag, then walk to the M.U. to meet Andy, Ioana and Red. We piled into the four-runner, and we took off for the airport, to get a more economical car at an airport rental agency that did not try harder. They wouldn’t let us leave a vehicle there, so we had to take the rental and convoy back into Tempe to deposit the four-runner in a secure, undisclosed location. Well, just one problem: the undisclosed location was being set up for a party.
So, we eventually got to Santa Barbara, and now it’s time for some (2 hlurs) sleep before weget up in the new time zone to get to try for some sailing.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wow jeff


Well, jeff wanted a massage. Hands just didn't do the job, so Jon was recruited. Actually, jon's feet were recruited for the job. geraldo

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