Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Fridge, originally uploaded by Gerald5970.

New Series: Apartment Photos

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Shutter speed wheel

Shutter speed wheel, originally uploaded by Gerald5970.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Cartel Rapping

After hours, odd things may happen at the local coffe spot.

Including myself trying to rap. My original lyrics are forgotten, but I recorded what I could remember below.

I went to Cartel where they had a little party/
I took a moment to remember Marty./
They asked for a rapper but I ain't that dapper/
Anyway I grabbed the mic like I was riding my bike/
"I sure as hell ain't Bobby G/
I'm Gerald B, the EMT./
Here I am, Tempe, Arizona,/
I'm gonna save you, when your in a coma./
Heart attack, call 9-1-1,/
they dispatch me to have some fun./
Hook up that old EKG/
'Oh my god, look what I see!'/
Pack you up for the helicopter,/
We're gonna getcha to the doctor."/
That was my rhyme,/
but I ran out of time./
Remember my name,/
'cause it's part of the game./
Please take a moment now to observe,/
the people who are a-willing to serve,/
keeping you alive whether you deserve/
saving your ass when nobody swerves./
Paramedics come; they don't take you home,/
they start the I-O into your bone./
Poor boy stopped breathin',/
His heart ain't beatin'/
A-L-S, come compress his chest/
So he can look his best/
On his wedding day,/
so he can pray,/
"Thank you God for EMS."/
But now of course, I must digress/
'Cause its the fire fighter who opens your car,/
to save your skin from being charred,/
and the nurses at the ER,/
that respond when they hear you crashed your car/
who kept you from being another denizen/
stuck in the world of sin./
Oops, you totaled your Mercedes,/
We'll keep you outa Hades./
Please give us thanks,/
'cause we ain't makin' bank/
This shit is dank and I'll be frank,/
the life is hard; it sure ain't easy/
no one says it'll be breezy/
Don't get queazy with all the bleedin',/
Just a little patch and that's all you're needin'./
Next time you have trouble,/
remember to thank the gentlemen,/
who pulled you outa rubble,/
just to save your precious skin./
I'm Gerald B, it's been a pleasure,/
thanks for listening through my last measure.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Chunk of the Top Plate

A Chunk of the Top Plate, originally uploaded by Gerald5970.

Here's tonight's photo, looking at the top of the new body.

Almost revelation

Almost revelation, originally uploaded by Gerald5970.

One from last night

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Another look…

Another look…, originally uploaded by Gerald5970.


Texture, originally uploaded by Gerald5970.

So that I may be lazy, but still keep some interest alive, I'll be releasing a number of photos of a surprise. Go ahead and try to guess what it is (most accurate guess gets a pint of homemade ginger beer (pickup only)).

Saturday, September 04, 2010

A new page, and security

I've been following blogs in my family for a while now, and lately, my Uncle Jer's been dealing with a few security issues on Muddled Ramblings. I just followed through and created a GnuPG key for signing and/or encrypting my email, just to keep The Man off my back. So that this will work, other people need to get onboard and start using keys. Also, said people must be willing to share and sign trusted public keys. To further that end, I've uploaded my key to the servers and created a page here for my public key, so that it can be used.