Friday, April 30, 2010

Lake pano

Lake pano, originally uploaded by Gerald5970.

Here's a long skinny picture. It's awesomely great to see it in full size.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Facetime – One from the Archives

Facetime, originally uploaded by Gerald5970.

I was looking at last year's shots on my flickr page, and this one caught my eye.

Now to the present: today I replaced my leaky valve cover gasket with a new one. What a mess the top of that engine was. There were bits and globs of mud and oil residue all over the place. Some of the bolts were completely hidden by gunk. Anywho, it took about an hour and a half to get the valve cover off (I should remind the viewers that I have very limited mechanical experience), but it only took half an hour to install the new gasket and replace the cover. After that I had time to look at my brakes (they've been soft and spongy) and I found that the reservoir return was clogged. Apparently the brake job I just got at a brake specialist shop was not the cleanest. New fluid, pumping and then bleed solved that one.

After all the grease monkeying I still had time to shower, cook lunch and get to the lake at three o'clock to help the Arizona Sailing Foundation teach their Tuesday class. The wind was there, light at first but building throughout the afternoon. Average conditions were around twelve knots, gusting as high as twenty and lulls around eight. There were more instructors than students, so there were two 420s with students and two Capri 14.2s with adults. There was enough wind that even the 14.2s could really get moving. I was out hiking my butt off on a 14.2, so I'm pretty hungry. Dinner comes soon.

It was awesome.

Sunday sunset

Sunday sunset, originally uploaded by Gerald5970.
This is what today feels like, visualized.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Visitor Count Update

I just noticed that I've passed the three thousand visitor mark. What a showing, I've had a relatively steady number of visitors, but I do see more clicks in when I post more. Visitors 3,000 and 3,001 were both google, so 3,002, from Albuquerque, you are my winner. If you can email me and establish who you are, I'll supply you with one bottle of Blue Brew Ginger Beer. I don't know yet if it's shippable, but I'll get it to ABQ somehow/time soon. I bet that's a surprise, you didn't know there were goodies involved, did you?

Hey! That's Me

Hey! That's Me, originally uploaded by Gerald5970.

Sometimes it feels that I'm so busy running motorboats, chasing down strays, corralling mayhem and all the other chores of teaching sailing that I never get in the boat myself. Fortunately, there was enough time and there were enough instructors Tuesday that I got to hop in a boat for a while and turn the camera over to Red, who shot from the committee/chase boat with my camera.

I just loaded a few stereo pairs like this to my flickr page, so go, check it out.

Chute Out

I also have stuff in what we'll call normal, like this.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lean Back

Lean Back, originally uploaded by Gerald5970

For the 4-20 special, I've got photos from my 4-20 activities. Yeah, I was on a 420 on Tuesday, and things felt great. What an awesome day. We flew the kites on both boats, and there was enough wind some of the time to get them nice and high, completely filled. We were demonstrating the trapezes, or the traps, but there wasn't quite that much air in the sails, so ballast was used. At first the the traps were too long, but we shortened them to get the crew higher. 

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Taking Off (Stereo)

Taking Off (Stereo), originally uploaded by Gerald5970.

Check it out!

Monday, April 19, 2010


All kinds of fun, all kinds of boats
At the dock

I sailed this weekend, which actually was a bit surprising given all that was going on. Saturday was the Arizona High Schol Sailing Sate Championship. It was hosted by the Arizona Sailing Foundation and sailed in Capri 14.2s on Tempe Town Lake. Winds were light and shifty, so we pulled off five races. I was on the mark set boat, and I got a number of photos, which should be here in a very short time which are now here, and on flickr.

Start that Race!

The racing ended just in time for me to get to ASU sailing practice. Practice was very low key, so we practiced man overboard person in the water drills (yeah, that one apparently fell to the sword of anti-sexism). Practice in light air is pretty challenging and unproductive, and things turned into a game of piracy.

Yesterday started early in the morning with a 6:30 pick up to get to Lake Pleasant. Larry also picked up Red and another crew, so we had a full truck. When we got to LP we dropped off Red, who was sailing on a Thistle, and we got to rigging the Merit Bonne Chance. By the time we got to the race area, the wind had already dropped to a pretty low level, but we started to race. We were sailing in the PHRF Spinaker fleet, but we were the only one, so we started with the non-spin boats. Through the dying wind, we managed to fight our way up to the windward mark. Much to the surprise of the boats who thought we were in their non-spin fleet, we poped the chute and took off downwind. Well, I imagined that we were taking off downwind, but it was a drifter of a day. Unfortunately, it was so light that we were still a long distance from the finish line hours after the start, so we scrubbed the race and headed homeward. 

Friday, April 16, 2010

Lake pano

Lake pano, originally uploaded by Gerald5970.

This is what I'm up to. This panorama took a while, but it really shows what the area below Tempe Town Lake looks like these days. Each frame was a 10 second exposure at f11. It is worth your time to look at the full size image at Click the picture, then once you arrive at the flickr page for this picture, click on "All Sizes", which appears above the image.


Part of me doesn't really want to do this, but lots of reputable people are doing it now, so it's not too tacky. 

I'm adding a Paypal button up there in the sidebar. It looks like this: , and it goes to a secure page where you, my dearest readers, can contribute to my projects. There's even an instruction line you can use if you want your contribution to go to a specific use.

Here's a little reminder of what I've got going on right now.
  • Wolf Project: I need about $800 total to buy a used 400 mm f 2.8 lens and about $600 for a multi-band ham radio transceiver. The lens is big, but tough and in good shape. The radio I am most interested in is a Yeasu FT 817ND. It is a QRP (low power) unit that covers all modes in all frequencies from 160 meters up to 70 cm. It looks like the perfect all around portable radio.
  • Gila Monster: I don't need a lot in this category, but I do need to do a brake system flush, and I need to finish wiring my solar power system. And of course I'm paying for any gas I use driving, plus the costs of insurance.
  • College: This is the biggie. I'm hopefully going to be enrolled in classes pretty soon, and hopefully I'll also be an in state resident as per tuition requirements.
  • Living: I'm looking for a domicile for next fall, so I'll needing to pay rent for my room and the cost for my board.
Now, I'm not trying to make my case for welfare. If you know of any places in Tempe that just might look for a hire, drop me a line. If you know of someplace a ways form Tempe looking for a hire, drop me a line. I'm willing to travel a reasonable distance, especially for experience.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Stereo pano

Stereo pano, originally uploaded by Gerald5970.

Yeah, it's not stiched, but I cropped a pair of stereo shots to produce a panorama. The camera was still, so the background is flat while the boats stand out. Check it out at full size, with as much monitor space as possible. Those of you with huge iMacs really luck out.

Stereo crop of Stereo

Stereo crop of Stereo, originally uploaded by Gerald5970.
Yeah, this one's good. It's very good. Go look at it,

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Stereo towards the stadium

Here's a stereo pair. It really is worth your time to look at the full size on my flickr page. Same goes for the panorama. It is also worth your time for the other stereo shots.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pano from Coor Hall

Pano from Coor Hall, originally uploaded by Gerald5970.

Gotta stay entertained somehow.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Stereo Engine

Stereo Engine, originally uploaded by Gerald5970.

I shot out of the plane window as I flew over New Mexico and Arizona. I took screenshots of the stereo pairs, and here they are. This one wvwn get the engine, although it wasn't moving and it looks flat. I know I haven't updated in a while, but here's a token.