Sunday, January 06, 2008

Fun Night in Turkey Town

Wow. That’s all I can say for last night with my orchestra people.

~ ~

It all started a couple days ago on myspace, when Miss Scarlet suggested that it would be cool for people to meet and hang out for some occasion. So I texted and sent out messages to a plethora of people. A few could see a movie on Saturday, so I agreed to give some people rides.

Saturday: Rehearsal at 9:00 am until 3:00 pm for AYO. Afterwards I took Puppy Eyes and her bass to my house to drop the bass off in a secure location for the rest of the day. Big Mistake. My house isn’t exactly clean, and Puppy Eyes can’t stand a mess. Next we went to Moni’s house, where we walked her dog. We still had hours till the start of the movie, so we went to get Miss Scarlet. We picked her up and still had hours to kill, so Dion’s had some extra loiterers (at least we bought cheese toast). There we called Road Runner and told him to join us at the theater. He came right away. We weren’t there yet, so he took a nap in his car. About an hour to show time, the girls and I arrived to buy our tickets to No Country For Old Men, but two of us are under 17, so we didn’t get those tickets. We bought tickets to a different movie, but the theater staff was chill with us going into No Country fro Old Men at the right time. We chose to waste the rest of our time (and money) at Hinkle Family Fun Center.

After the movie, no one was tired (it was still early (9:20ish)), so we spent some more money. This wait was also necessary because Road Runner locked his keys in his car. This provided us with comic relief, so we eventually formed a convoy of two vehicles and drove downtown to eat some ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery. Downtown is crowded on a Saturday night! After the ice cream, we had to wait for Road Runner’s brother to come with the second set of keys because the first set got locked in the car again!

I never realized how long it had been since I last heard from these people until I got hang out with them again.

I'm cleaning now.


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