Monday, June 16, 2008



That was an interesting weekend. Friday, I had no work, so we took off for Heron Lake State Park early in the afternoon.

Did I mention that I’ve gotten a job? Yep, I’m working for Tom Udall’s senate campaign. And I don’t even need to get up early in the mornings.

Ok, back to the lake. Friday we launched a Sunfish, and I sailed to the marina. We hung out with the folks at the docks, and then we eventually went to five o’clock somewhere, where we fired up the trusty ole DVD player. Movie: The Pelican Brief, a legal-action combo. Law and Order could take a hint; have random government agencies try to off the district attorney and all the caseworkers.

We’re driving back into town now. Earlier, we stopped in El Dorado to look at a cat. That is a catamaran, not a feline. Our feline needs are fulfilled for the moment, and every mile driven with Dulce reminds us of this fact.

Today was calm for a while, and then around 1:00 it picked up. Suddenly. That was a blast. I managed not to capsize, but I found my tiller extension on the Sunfish to be too short. Later some Boy Scouts showed up. We put four of them on two boats, then both boats received an extra person to coach. I was on one while the scoutmaster was on the other. After a minute, I jumped off my boat onto the floating section of scrap marina bits. The scoutmaster stayed on the other boat with his scouts. About the time I got off my boat, they capsized. I turned the kids I was with loose upon the lake, and they did quite well, no accidents, no capsizing, and they figured out the relationship between sheet, wind, steering, and weight. They had a great time and would like to sail again.

Yesterday was for racing, but the committee boat was not where most people expected, and only three boats found it in time to start. One boat finished from each fleet. Then came potluck. I made guacamole at the marina for our contribution to the dinner. Chile Man had some habeñeros. I cut some guac to the side and added the peppers to the smaller portion. All night long people raved about the guac that would burn your taste buds to high heaven.

Almost home now. I started writing about at Budagers, which is now a movie production zone.


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