Friday, November 14, 2008

Night Drive

Cruising to Santa Barbara
Well, this friday has been a long day.
I of course went to all my classes (yes, both of them), and then came the drive. Studio took forever to come, and when it did, it took forever to pass. I dipped out a few minutes early, and with Kruser’s blessing, I took off for the coast. Eventually, that is. Several carloads of people were to come out from ASU. My ride wasn’t scheduled to leave until six. I just had to bike over to my dorm from studio to get my bag, then walk to the M.U. to meet Andy, Ioana and Red. We piled into the four-runner, and we took off for the airport, to get a more economical car at an airport rental agency that did not try harder. They wouldn’t let us leave a vehicle there, so we had to take the rental and convoy back into Tempe to deposit the four-runner in a secure, undisclosed location. Well, just one problem: the undisclosed location was being set up for a party.
So, we eventually got to Santa Barbara, and now it’s time for some (2 hlurs) sleep before weget up in the new time zone to get to try for some sailing.


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