Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Our Boatel

Our Boatel, originally uploaded by Gerald5970.

Interesting concept: Rent out space in a boat that's in a marina. It's not a hotel, it's a boatel! Well, that's what a few of us did for the long beach regatta. We used this boat, owned by the United States Sailing Center (yes, the people who organize the US olympic sailing trials), as our hotel while in Long Beach. It worked out pretty well, plus it put us right in the heart of the action when the event got underway.


  1. Your dad was curious about what kind of boat it was ... the lines look to me somewhat like a Beneteau or some such.

  2. It's very spartan inside because it's a racing boat. It has none of the cruising stuff found aboard Beneteaus. Plus the sail room had way too many sails. I never did learn what kind of bot it was.


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