Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Goog Time!

Filling up space with links to the outside world

So I haven't really written much, so I'll be writing about what my blog's been doing google wise. So I'll have plenty of gratuitous links, like this one. I'll be going over referrals to the blog, and I'll be adding links to photos and stuff.

Referrals from Blogs:

Most of my referrals come from blogs. It's Five O'Clock Somewhere provides quite a few of them, and another bunch come from Tillerman over at Proper Course. This particular post of his even links straight to this blog. Desert Sea provides a few visitors, but not too many. Muddled Ramblings has moved, but I got a referal through the comments there.

Referals from Search Engines:

I get a few odd searches, and some not so odd ones.

I think my next post will have links to goodies for the jeep, or maybe I'll have an extensive list of blogs. Who knows, I might even write something thoughtful.


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