Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Stuck in the Other Valley

Sorry, not too many photos going up, but I'm not taking to many now. I'm not doing very much of anything besides running around town in ambulances with my grandfather. He's going on 93, and until now has been in decent enough shape in spite of his advanced age. Unfortunately, the past two weeks have seen him hospitalized from complications caused by antibiotics. He's out of the hospital, but he needs more attention than can be provided by in home care providers. So, he's in a "skilled nursing facility" (rhymes with "old folks home") until he is strong enough to get back to walking around. Unfortunately, his doctor's appointments hadn't been straightened out to be handled by the nurses and doctors at the home, so he has to be taken by ambulance to the offices. It sure is a fast way to beat the lines though, the and paramedics and EMTs are good company on the drive. That's been the going on for a while now, but we need to pay his bills and maintain his house and appease his housekeeper and get groceries. It's somewhat overwhelming, but if (make that a big if) he gets his head straightened out some more he'll be legally lucid enough to sign the durable power of attorney that I just finished drawing up. Otherwise, we've got months of waiting and paperwork to get a gaurdianship granted from the state of Texas.

We may be here a while.

I'm writing this so that my blog may have a chance of "sucking less than most," but I fear I'm just in the persistent journal category. Oh well, someone will read this, and I'll add "Rocky Jeep" to keep my googles up. And even another link to the real rocky jeep.


  1. There has been a fascinating, and dramatic, change in the advertising showing up in your sidebar. There's not even a hint of a reference to a Jeep. Instead, the focus is on medical care, especially the providers of it. There are ads for computerized billing and patient management systems, and continuing education and employment opportunities for EMTs. Interesting that even though you included some legalese in your post, there's nothing lawyer-related in the advertising.

  2. Ah, that has now changed; there's a lawyer advertising services related to legal guardianship.

  3. So I'd better yell "Jeep!" up there somewhere.


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