Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Open letter to Dell and FedEx.

The following was originally to be a Facebook post and Facebook messages to the pages for each of the companies. Unfortunately, according to Facebook  (although not in so many words), I'm too verbose. So this becomes an open letter tucked away on an obscure, quite blog in a corner of the internet. 

Dear Dell and FedEx,

I'm just letting you know that you are on my shit list have left me feeling disappointed with your services, all due to the complete lack of regard for customers and inability to fix simple problems with your products and manage your services.

Dell customer service gave me a great initial promise once I got through to a person: for a problem on a Sunday evening, I'd get a replacement for the crappy part on the power supply that broke by Monday afternoon, or Tuesday morning by the latest. I explained that I would be leaving town Tuesday evening, but you reassured me that I'd long have the replacement by then.

Monday went by without an appearance from FedEx, but I wasn't too concerned. Tuesday, I'm home all morning, and into the afternoon. Not a peep, no delivery trucks ever came down the street. By five thirty I was on my way to the airport with a messy hacked together attempt at a replacement power supply that worked about as often as the original (not always enough to keep a netbook running). Thursday comes, and I get a call from FedEx that my address doesn't exist. After a correction (rhymes with "yes, there really is a building there…,") and placing a hold for six days, until December first, everything seemed to be okay.

I get back in town and settle down to wait, watching the tracking widget for that magical "on delivery vehicle enroute to destination" notification, but it never comes. A week later, here I am, here it isn't. The tracking still says "in transit."

Now that the ticket is closed (why…?), it appears that I must go through the entire tedious ordeal again, including an hour and thirty five minutes on the phone with the most infuriating hold music before I even have the chance to run through a boatload of troubleshooting steps that do not apply and will not apply to this situation. Next I'll be shunted from one person to the next, and I'll be spending most of my time repeating the the exact information I gave the first time.

Patiently waiting,

P.S. Also confusing are all the service numbers: the Service Request Number is not the same as the Service Tag Number is not the same as the Service Call Number is the same as the Dispatch Number is not the same as the Airbill Number which is the same as the Tracking Number. Got it?


  1. We sincerely apologize for your troubles. Please respond by DM to @Dell Cares with your Email Address & Order # so we may assist you further.
    Thanks, Lorna AtDell

  2. Whoaaa, they answered you! I love the internet.

  3. Wowo! I'm kinda surprised. Thanks.


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