Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm still alive!

Hey everybody,
Yes, things are okay. I've been busy, but I have been neglecting all my readers (I'm sorry, Grandma [sheepish grin] ). Scratch and I have been back in Arizona for a couple of weeks, but y'all never knew we left. Well, we did: we went back to the ole ancestral home in 'Burque over winter break.
I'm in Photo 204 now, which is an advanced black and white photo course which meets twice a week. I'm also in Calc 1, German 201, Art 113 and Art History 102. I'm going to be working on building my GPA while also compiling  a solid portfolio to submit for review at the end of the semester to enter the upper level photo program.

I've been shooting a few rolls of 120 with Sputnik, but I want to have them reverse processed to make slides for stereo viewing. There are two options for reversal processing: DR5 in Denver or doing it myself. I'd rather do it myself, in part so I don't pay for services I can do myself (rhymes with miserly college student spirit) and in part to inflate the old ego (rhymes with, "Who do you know who's reversal processing 120 film?").  I know the chemicals needed, but the major chemistry labs don't supply individuals; they only supply corporations. I'm exploring what it would take to incorporate as GB Photographic in AZ, but it's an added expense that I can't rationalize along with the cost of chemistry. DR5 costs a bit per roll, and I need shipping and handling per roll. I don't have a home darkroom, but the labs at ASU are good, if I can provide my own chemistry. The big issue is of course getting said chemistry.

Anyway, that's what's on my mind now. I'll hav some kind of photography up soon, mebbe my final from last semester or maybe something new.


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