Monday, March 19, 2012

I'm telling you about this dream…

I had a dream that we were all on a road trip somewhere. I never quite knew where, but it was just all of us and Scratch in my jeep, and we were roaming across the southwest. At one point there was a thunderstorm while we were on a dirt road, and I realized that the car was empty. Everyone who'd been there with me was gone. At that point I got a message on the radio telling me to go to work, so I had to go fight a fire in the rain. It wouldn't go out at all, and then I woke up before I could go back to find everyone. I remember that even though I was working, I still was thinking about going back to get everyone as soon as I was done. I just could never quench the flames that burned in the rain and I couldn't leave to find my people.


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