Sunday, August 31, 2008

Edward Abbey, where art thou?

Hiking in N AZ

See Oil and Natural Gas drilling rigs

See dead animals in area

See small pond near rig with dead animals around

Start taking pics of dead critters

 GluttonGreesy Co. pick-up drives up

Two men get out

I start talking

One pulls out small machine gun

He shoots me

I don’t die

They drive off

I walk back to Tempe

Tempe Hospital won’t let me in because I don’t have all three forms of photo ID that guarantee citizenship and proofs of insurance

Different GluttonGreesy trucks in hospital parking lot

I call office of Congressman Udall

The guys who shot me also serve in the AZ government

Somehow I get dumped at the NM state line

A Navajo there gives me a horse and a loaded burro, with lots of food and stuff

I get to Albuquerque

New Mexico has health care

I somehow keep about 20 bullets in my body the whole time, without much pain, bleeding, or damage

I set off metal detectors in Senate office buildings in DC

I testify before congress

I have a lawsuit against the State of AZ for not treating people w/o proof of citizenship

It goes to Supreme Court

Amy Poehler is my lawyer

Hiking again in Northern AZ


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