Wednesday, February 04, 2009


lightrail, originally uploaded by Gerald5970.

Light rail + student U pass = free transportation/free fotos.


  1. This picture has a really great atmosphere to it ... reminds me of Night Hawks at the Diner.

    Here's a meme that's been going around the sailing blogs ... I'm not going to tag you with it, but you might find it fun: Look into your 2004 photos, go to the 4th folder, and find the 4th picture in that folder. Put it on your blog, with an explanation of what it is.

    Of course, if you don't have photos going back to 2004, you're going to have to find some alternative, such as the earliest year you have, or some such.

  2. Yeah, good photo. Has a lot of energy to it, and tells a story too. Good use of shutter and camera movement. But, is that guy watching you take the photo? Could be CIA...

  3. Well, Homeland Security has warned me not to take any photos of utilities or transportation services from points of view not normally accessible to the public. I actually got an email through my Flickr page.
    I just realized that the darker vertical stripe is a light pole.


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