Friday, February 20, 2009

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RE: "Look folks... I don't know much..."; Đ–olossal: The Lunatic

I live for the good little bits. I like looking forward to them, and looking back at them when i have to remember why I do what I do. However, I think that if a person really, truly believes and is passionate about what they live for, ten it would make NO sense for them to keep doing something that they do not feel passion for. If I didn't have the choice to channel my loves into school, I would leave. Hell, it'd even save me some money, maybe enough to get a boat down in, say the Yucatan and live and a sailing bum. But I don't have to resort to that because I can use my passions to do things better.

I've found that my passions are sailing and photography. I'm in school for landscape architecture, which gets me to where I can examine the details of a space. I take pictures of details. I take pictures of the whole scheme and i look to see how the individual elements come together. I use my passion for photography to further how I interpert space and how I understand the elemental relationships between earth, air, light and nature.
To further my passion of sailing, I started teaching. I was humbled because in one class I found dozens of things I thought I knew that I didn't know. It was time for hot-shot to come back down to earth. On the other hand, when I teach, I find that I can understand what I learned before much better. Things I breezed through to learn took a while to teach, because I skipped the details and I had to go back and re-learn. Things that took me time to master have been the most rewarding.
Also, when I took pictures of people learning to sail, I could see mistakes they made that also showed up in pictures of me sailing. I was schooled by my own students.
When I accomplish a small improvement, it makes me happy. But, even when I practice and get the same results as last time, I can be happy. i have learned that improvement isn't a static line, but jumps and plateaus. I like the plateau because I can look forward to the next jump.

Well, my suitemates are calling for me, so i have to wrap this up and go next door. I hope this'll actually get read by somebody, and I also'd like to get some feedback, some discussion.


  1. Jo my man, just found out that clicking the date thingy at the bottom lets you we shall see if it lets me leave a comment...

  2. M'ijo, you are learning that teaching leads to learning. I have learned a lot more about writing by teaching writing than I ever did by taking a writing course.

    As they say in medical school, about surgery ... you watch one, you do one, you teach one, then you know it.

  3. Yeah, the teaching --> learning is pretty powerful stuff.


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