Thursday, October 01, 2009

One more for the critiques

Yes, uno mas! Two in one day! I'm going post crazy! I'm using exclamation points like nobody's business! Sweet!

Ok, so normal, indoor voices now. I've been shooting just as much if not more than usual, but it's been pretty heavily film, and I have no means of digitizing the awesomeness that can come from full manual 35 mm printing. And, since I don't even have enough chemistry to develop my films from the 4x5, I have absolutely no idea how that's working out. I have done some digital stuff, even with the speedlight now and then, and some of that will get here in time. In time for what, I'm not sure yet.

Writing: I've been doing lots of it, but again, it's in an analog format. No software is anywhere near powerful enough to break my cacography into text. I am pouring all kinds of thinking and thought into my Molskine, but now I have to break it out into the 0 and 1 world. Oh boy.


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