Thursday, October 15, 2009


Update, and Computer Repair!

Yeah, I've been busy. My computer broke, but things worked out well in the end.

Ok, now I can brag about how nice Apple is to me. I had a hinge crack and get really loose on me a few days ago, so I too my Air to the technical repair shop on campus. I turns out that the hinges on this computer are an integrated part of the display and that the display unit would have to be replaced. Estimated Cost: $800. My warranty expired six months ago so no coverage, or so I thought. The repair guy told me to call Apple and ask to talk to a customer service rep. So I explained that the problem was not caused be abuse but just heavy, normal use, and that I needed the computer for school because I'm a starving college student. The lady decided to give me a warranty exception and have Apple cover the repair as if I were still under warranty. So, I had my computer repaired at no cost to me. How awesome is that?

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  1. So now that you got your computer fixed, you're doing ALL your homework, right?


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