Friday, November 13, 2009

Got into Santa Barbara

No, this isn't where we're at right now, but it will be one of tomorrow's visits (I hope). Of course, it is La Super-Rica, the best little place just about anywhere. Great authentic Mexican food and reasonable prices.

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Anyway, the drive to get here from Tempe was ultimately uneventful, we left around 11, hit LA from 4:30 to 6:00, and got to the hotel around 7:15. Tomorrow is our regatta, with a pretty light forecast.

Forecast here.


  1. Lots more wind here at the Butte. My helmsman didn't show up; the committee boat person also didn't show up so Dad had to take Syzygy as committee boat, and 15 gusting to 30 was just too much for only Marilyn and me, so I got on with Larry, and Marilyn helped Dad on the committee boat.

    We got wet. Very wet.

    Special dinner tonight at Los Arcos, honoring Rich Strasia with a lifetime achievement award and celebrating his birthday (I think it's Number 70).

  2. Then today we got even more wind than yesterday, and colder temperatures. We tried to go out, but the wind got to be too much, so we headed back to the marina, where there was limited maneuvering room and we ended up coming into the dock fast. Larry ended up with a big gouge in the front of his boat (saving him a about three quarters of the grinding he was going to have to do to get the bow shaped more the way it's supposed to be), and Jim Johnson came within 6 inches of punching a cleat-shaped hole in his bow.

    Only one boat continued racing until the finish: Kachina.

    Sounds like what would have worked best would have been for us to ship about half of our wind out to where you were. Then things would be great for everybody.

  3. Well, today we had great wind, it was just about right. Less swell, too, so a bit more lake-like. We only got a little wet, but it was enough to make my swim trunks stiff from the salt. They stood up on their own for a while.

    So it sounds like the Etchells fleet is working on averaging out the scars for each boat.


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