Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Aproaches

It's almost Turkey Day, and I've only got the faintest outlines of a plan.

So far my plan has one solid chunk and a possible second event. The main event will be family dinner with my parents at Monti's Casa Vieja. It's in the oldest standing building in the Valley, so the name fits.

The other idea would probably be either solo or with friends. I'm talking about the MADCAP Theaters' Thanksgiving Film Feast. Twelve hours of back-to back-to-back cult classic horror flicks, energy drinks, games and food. That would keep me busy well into Black Friday.

I'll be shoving some more photo's toward the internets soon, so keep a lookout posted!


  1. Just bought a bunch of cans of Hatch green chile (hot), and some jars of assorted salsas to bring out to you.

    Was looking at Monti's website ... it definitely looks like a good place for MEAT. We'll set ourselves up to be in a carnivorous state of mind.

  2. Mmm… salsa, chile and meat. A good thanksgiving in the works.


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