Thursday, January 07, 2010

Another Update

Yeah, I'm trying to quell your anxieties.

After that last post, I'm sure that all of you frequent visitors are getting antsy to see the results of using a little point-and-shoot to create a panorama from a moving sailboat. The parallax errors threw the computer for a loop, and I had to break it into three eight photo pieces before I could put things into one cohesive pano. It still was giving me distortion issues, so I went and just uploaded the three pieces to flickr. Well, unfortunately, in the reformatting,  resizing and uploading, they were throughly scrambled.
Now, I'm back to internet and ready to try again, but I'm the pano sections are on different hard drives, from the one I'm using tonight. So, I can try to upload later from a slow machine on a slow (rhymes with dial-up) connection, or I can wait some more and show up with the right machine or a drive that has those panos.


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