Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Aproaching Valley of the Sun

Monday, July 21, 2008
Frontier Restaurant

My trip is looking almost organized now. I’ve got a hotel and a flight into Phoenix, and I even have an agenda! I just lost internet here, though, so you may not be reading this until tomorrow, if I get a chance to post this in the Sunport. I’ll have been to ASU at least once by this time tomorrow, and I’ll get a chance to scope things out around Tempe. I’ll try to get a concrete hold on an Arizonan sailor, and I’ll be resting for my orientation.  The hotel I’m at claims to have Wifi, so I’m crossing my fingers and holding my thumbs.

At the moment, I’m trying to apply for campus housing, but it wants me to use something other than Safari or Mozilla, so we’ll see how it goes. And I’ve got internet, so it’s off to the blog.


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