Thursday, July 03, 2008

Dad's dockmaster delivery

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Delivering Dad

So I am on my way to Heron Lake today, because my dad’s got to do his dockmaster duty for the New Mexico Sailing Club. He’ll be there from today until Saturday at midnight, when I start my duty.

Separate note, I’ll be attending Orientation at ASU in a couple weeks, so I’m thinking that I want to have a vehicle by then. I’m looking for something reliable, with good gas mileage and also the capability of towing 1500 lbs or so. Know of anything either in Albuquerque or Tempe?

I’ll be staying in a tent this time; Syzygy is still for sale and still in Truth or Consequences.

Anyone know the whereabouts of a decent used mountain bike for sale in the Albuquerque area? That would be cool for me to use this weekend.

I’m writing as we head up, so I haven’t seen the lake yet.


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