Tuesday, July 01, 2008

South Valley

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Today was an interesting day. I started by going to the Frontier on my way to work. I grabbed a deuce of Carne Adovada burritos and got a quick stop by the blogosphere before I had to get to the bus stop. When I take busses to work, interesting things usually happen. Today, the northeast bound 5 that was supposed to be at UNMH at 3:06 failed to arrive. And yes, I do walk across the University of New Mexico’s campus to get from the Frontier Restaurant to the hospital.
So I wound up at work at 3:45, although I was aiming for a bit sooner.

The canvass went well by percentages, but not too many doors were hit. My turf was in the South Valley, where houses are situated on largish lots with lots of space between. However, the fact that all of the people I talked to were chill with Tom Udall and that the neighborhood is friendly made up for the distance traveled. It was a good afternoon. Some rain came down, but it wasn’t to heavy, and when combined with the wind and clouds, the temperature was kept low and the enjoyment kept up. I found many people who would’ve liked to talk for a couple hours about why they like Udall over Pearce.


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