Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Dell, you failed.

Yeah, I can't say much now, but they have annoyed me.

Hint to Dell: If you read this, I want you to communicate about important things, which you didn't even attempt, even though you had all of my contact information. What you did sucks, and by not giving me the slightest hint of any problems, I sat here blissfully ignorant of your ineptitude, which apparently started last week and will not be resolved until next week. So, yeah, please let me know next time you want to screw me over. Maybe by talking to the customer you could fix your errors. Or better yet, don't drop the ball in the first place.


  1. And here I thought it was Microsoft's fault. Maybe it should have been a clue that my HP didn't crash at the same time that three of CNM's Dells did, causing two students' work to vanish into ether and another's to require a major effort to recover. (Of course, the laptops that crashed were also the ones that had been issued to the most computer-illiterate students in the class.)

  2. It wasn't a hardware problem, it was a company communications issue. Anyway, I know ways around Dell's bios/windows interaction issues. And, after 48 minutes on the phone (yeah, daytime minutes) things are looking better, I hope….


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