Thursday, December 17, 2009

Oh Boy

Fun Times in The Valley

(‘Twas not this trip)

So we’re done in McAllen for now, which means I’ll be getting to internet soon. I know that I’m remiss, I’ve shot days of daily photos, but they aren’t online yet. We just stopped at a fruit stand, where I completely missed a great photo opportunity with the crates of fresh fruit, the proud owner trying to eek a meager living and the various other accoutrements of the business. Now, five dollars richer, he watches us leave with twenty pounds of grapefruit stuffed into a mesh sack. Ah, grapefruit. There’s something great about something so sweet, tart tender and flavorful, especially when it comes prepackaged in it’s own biodegradable wrapper.
Falfurrias Border Patrol Checkpoint, lots of questions and searching, then eventually, “Have a good day, sir.” They don’t like having pictures taken. Oh well.


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