Friday, April 16, 2010


Part of me doesn't really want to do this, but lots of reputable people are doing it now, so it's not too tacky. 

I'm adding a Paypal button up there in the sidebar. It looks like this: , and it goes to a secure page where you, my dearest readers, can contribute to my projects. There's even an instruction line you can use if you want your contribution to go to a specific use.

Here's a little reminder of what I've got going on right now.
  • Wolf Project: I need about $800 total to buy a used 400 mm f 2.8 lens and about $600 for a multi-band ham radio transceiver. The lens is big, but tough and in good shape. The radio I am most interested in is a Yeasu FT 817ND. It is a QRP (low power) unit that covers all modes in all frequencies from 160 meters up to 70 cm. It looks like the perfect all around portable radio.
  • Gila Monster: I don't need a lot in this category, but I do need to do a brake system flush, and I need to finish wiring my solar power system. And of course I'm paying for any gas I use driving, plus the costs of insurance.
  • College: This is the biggie. I'm hopefully going to be enrolled in classes pretty soon, and hopefully I'll also be an in state resident as per tuition requirements.
  • Living: I'm looking for a domicile for next fall, so I'll needing to pay rent for my room and the cost for my board.
Now, I'm not trying to make my case for welfare. If you know of any places in Tempe that just might look for a hire, drop me a line. If you know of someplace a ways form Tempe looking for a hire, drop me a line. I'm willing to travel a reasonable distance, especially for experience.


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