Monday, April 19, 2010


All kinds of fun, all kinds of boats
At the dock

I sailed this weekend, which actually was a bit surprising given all that was going on. Saturday was the Arizona High Schol Sailing Sate Championship. It was hosted by the Arizona Sailing Foundation and sailed in Capri 14.2s on Tempe Town Lake. Winds were light and shifty, so we pulled off five races. I was on the mark set boat, and I got a number of photos, which should be here in a very short time which are now here, and on flickr.

Start that Race!

The racing ended just in time for me to get to ASU sailing practice. Practice was very low key, so we practiced man overboard person in the water drills (yeah, that one apparently fell to the sword of anti-sexism). Practice in light air is pretty challenging and unproductive, and things turned into a game of piracy.

Yesterday started early in the morning with a 6:30 pick up to get to Lake Pleasant. Larry also picked up Red and another crew, so we had a full truck. When we got to LP we dropped off Red, who was sailing on a Thistle, and we got to rigging the Merit Bonne Chance. By the time we got to the race area, the wind had already dropped to a pretty low level, but we started to race. We were sailing in the PHRF Spinaker fleet, but we were the only one, so we started with the non-spin boats. Through the dying wind, we managed to fight our way up to the windward mark. Much to the surprise of the boats who thought we were in their non-spin fleet, we poped the chute and took off downwind. Well, I imagined that we were taking off downwind, but it was a drifter of a day. Unfortunately, it was so light that we were still a long distance from the finish line hours after the start, so we scrubbed the race and headed homeward. 


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