Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Facetime – One from the Archives

Facetime, originally uploaded by Gerald5970.

I was looking at last year's shots on my flickr page, and this one caught my eye.

Now to the present: today I replaced my leaky valve cover gasket with a new one. What a mess the top of that engine was. There were bits and globs of mud and oil residue all over the place. Some of the bolts were completely hidden by gunk. Anywho, it took about an hour and a half to get the valve cover off (I should remind the viewers that I have very limited mechanical experience), but it only took half an hour to install the new gasket and replace the cover. After that I had time to look at my brakes (they've been soft and spongy) and I found that the reservoir return was clogged. Apparently the brake job I just got at a brake specialist shop was not the cleanest. New fluid, pumping and then bleed solved that one.

After all the grease monkeying I still had time to shower, cook lunch and get to the lake at three o'clock to help the Arizona Sailing Foundation teach their Tuesday class. The wind was there, light at first but building throughout the afternoon. Average conditions were around twelve knots, gusting as high as twenty and lulls around eight. There were more instructors than students, so there were two 420s with students and two Capri 14.2s with adults. There was enough wind that even the 14.2s could really get moving. I was out hiking my butt off on a 14.2, so I'm pretty hungry. Dinner comes soon.

It was awesome.


  1. Here's a trivia question ... Do you know which state's state bird is the California Gull?

  2. Well, I didn't know, but a quickie to Google revealed that its Utah. Now that's kinda funny.


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